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Register a company today and get your ACN number

Everything you need to start, run and grow a happy business

Starting a business? It’s quick and easy with ANNA One - free company registration paired with a business account that manages bookkeeping, invoicing, GST, and company taxes. Never worry about tax and accounting again.

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How to get started setting up your company?

Start your business just in 3 steps

Ready to turn your idea into reality? With ANNA One, you can seamlessly register your Australian company and open a business bank account in one streamlined process. We cover the registration cost with ASIC, so it won’t cost you a penny. Here's what you need to register your company:

Unique company name image
Unique company name
Use our search tool to instantly check if your company name is available. Use our Name checker to get it right
Registered office address image
Registered office address
This will be where official communications are sent, for example, letters from ASIC or ATO. The address must be in Australia.
Director and shareholder image
Director and shareholder
You’ll need the name, date and place of birth and a residential address of the director and shareholder

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What are the costs?

Simple pricing

Take a look at our range of budget-friendly plans and pricing designed to suit your requirements

Easy Company pricing plan image

Easy Company

Easy and straightforward registration of your business

Easy company registration

Let us take care of setting up your business hassle-free

Business documents

Store receipts, invoices and company documents in one place. We’ll look for matching transactions, extract key details, and make sure everything is easy to find and share

Company Registration
$576 ASIC fee is included
Best value
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Incorporate your company and run your happy business all-in-one

Easy company registration

Let us take care of setting up your business hassle-free

Business documents

Store receipts, invoices and company documents in one place. We’ll look for matching transactions, extract key details, and make sure everything is easy to find and share

Taxes calculated automatically

Get peace of mind that you’re always up-to-date on your tax reporting and optimise your tax bill

Company (income) Tax

Gain insight into your upcoming tax bill based on your business expenses and income. We provide a clear and predictable view of what to expect, empowering you to plan the budget ahead effectively

Personalised tax calendar

Never miss a tax deadline again and ensure timely compliance with all your tax obligations

Support from expert accountants

Our friendly support team will answer any question you may have

Company Registration
$576 ASIC fee is included
Access to ANNA One
One year introductory fee

Register a company in Australia for free

Quick and easy company registration

ANNA can help you officially register a company with ASIC, and get your business banking and taxes sorted.

  • Choose a company name
  • Choose ANNA One subscription
  • Give us some details about your business
  • We’ll notify you when your application is complete

Debit cards and virtual cards

Power up your business with an ANNA card

Open an ANNA business account and you get a credit card, virtual cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and expense cards for employees. The only card you don’t get is a birthday card (for now)

Debit cards and virtual cards image

What you get with ANNA One

All your taxes covered: Company income tax, GST and Annual tax filing

Including everything you need to register a new business and get an Annual company tax return statement (BAS). So you get started knowing you’ve ticked all ATO’s boxes

Register for ABN, GST and lodge your annual tax return
Auto calculate GST and issue tax invoices
Claim more expenses and optimise your tax bills with automatic expense sorting
Personalised tax calendar so you don't miss deadlines
File taxes from ANNA if you’re in your first year of trading and keep your filing records in one place

Bookkeeping score

Save money on your taxes with Bookkeeping Score

Business Score lets you know how tidy your books are and gives you simple tasks (like making sure expenses are correctly categorised) to make your business as tax efficient as possible. The higher your score – the more tax you could be saving!

Bookkeeping score image

Tax year dates

Don’t miss your tax deadlines

No need to put the important dates into your calendar or hope for a nudge from an accountant – ANNA will remind you ahead of time and help you get prepared

Tax year dates image
Time saving icon
Time saving
Keeping track is a doddle with your business accounting and admin in one place
Connect accounts icon
Connect accounts
See all your finances in one place by connecting your other bank accounts to ANNA One
Tax reminders icon
Tax reminders
Never miss another tax deadline. We’ve got your back for financial admin

Why register a company?

While incorporating a company will mean adding a range of regulatory and reporting requirements, there are many advantages to incorporating a company. Some of these advantages include:

Limited liability card image
Limited Liability
As a sole trader or partnership, you are personally liable for all aspects of your business, including debts and losses. This can put your personal assets at risk. On the other hand, operating as a company separates your personal assets from your business, providing a layer of protection.
Tax-effective card image
Switching to a company structure can result in lower taxes due to the lower tax rate for businesses and the ability to claim tax deductions
Brand recognition card image
Brand recognition
Registering your company boosts brand recognition and credibility. It positions your business as a separate entity, accountable to ASIC and operating with an ACN. Third parties prefer dealing with registered companies, enhancing your reputation and facilitating future partnerships
Investments card image
Investors prefer registered companies for investment opportunities as they offer the ability to raise equity capital and borrow money. It also provides a formal structure that gives investors confidence in the business.

Small business accounting

Bye Bye, paper receipts

Piles of receipts getting you down? Snap a pic of your receipts and ANNA automatically sorts them and attaches them to the right transactions.

Small business accounting image


Invoices that get paid sooner

With ANNA One you can send professional-looking invoices in seconds. And if they’re not paid, we chase them for you – which means 80% of ANNA invoices are paid within a week

Invoicing image
The reviews are in

Customer support

Award-winning 24/7 customer support

ANNA’s award-winning support team is always here to support you and your business. We’re available 24/7, even on Christmas Day.
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